with the continuous development of network technology, the number of Internet users continues to surge, the commercial tentacles extended to the Internet has become a general trend. With the network has become a battleground, all kinds of marketing methods and means are also emerging. For large enterprises, they are relatively abundant funds, in the network world, they still are reported, they tend to choose the major portals to advertising to promote products, invested heavily to sell their products and companies. These big companies often will own enterprise website full of e-commerce, they tend to invest large sums of money to set up his own group of special network technology and e-commerce group, use the professional maintenance and operation of enterprise e-commerce website.

apart from these large enterprises, more are small and medium enterprises, the special envoy is small enterprises, in our number in China is very large. The good and bad development of small enterprises is directly related to China’s economic development. Because most small enterprises in capital and technical aspects are still relatively lacking, in the network marketing this is no exception. At present, in China, many small businesses do not even have their own websites, which is a great pity, and how to protect their own network brands (such as enterprise domain names). It’s a pity that they didn’t make good use of cheap Internet resources to serve their own businesses and waste them in vain. Why does this happen? In summary, there are two main points:

, some small business owners have not realized the role of network marketing, never tasted the sweetness of the network, so they will not do what the enterprise website or through other network platform to engage in what network marketing;

two, some small business owners feel it is useful to know the network, some even have tried some of the network marketing, also set up their own small business website, but after a period of time in online and found no what effect, finally also discouraged the small business website has become a decoration, into network marketing an oral slogan.

in fact, through the above content, we can see that SMEs have become accustomed to traditional marketing, coupled with many entrepreneurs may be an average level of education, that is, junior high school level. As for the Internet this piece of new things, do not know how to operate it will be not at all surprising! To solve this problem, the strategy of teaching how to use the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises to better sales of their products here.

1, first of all understand how much your product is facing the Internet market

2, what groups are your products facing


3, where do these communities live,


4, what types of web tools do these groups use to book your products, such as search engines, forums, blogs, and B2B,


5, then these means occupy the market share of the day, please analyze

6, and then according to

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