QQ chemical network site a year experience summary, and share with everyone learning, without reservation,


, first, let’s talk about the basic situation of QQ chemical networks:

1, site 14 months: 2009.9 – 2010.11

2, the site was included in the search engine (2010.11.21 data)

Baidu included: 80200

Google included: 15800

PR value: 3

3, website registration member and member release information aspect (2010.11.21 data)

registered members: 5886

released the supply of information: 152770, I did not use the collector, are the user’s own release of

quotes information: 22232, their hair

information information: 6828, their hair

4 and IP: 2500-3000

per day

5, is currently a personal website, part-time

two, Site Creator mentality summary

1: "this is the most important experience I can make.". 03 years time, did the first forum, after 06 years and made a pet site, 08 years time and made a man website, there are some other small sites in the middle. Now back to want to be able to stick to it, absolutely small achievements. Keywords ranking is the same, if you choose a keyword, it should always insist on doing, do not change easily halfway. This year 3-5 months, I frequently change the website some column key words, the result causes in 6-9 months, the website has been reduced greatly by Baidu. I believe that many of the friends of the station and I like it, here dug a pit, no water, and dig another pit. Hang in there, guys,

2, be passionate and relaxed at all times. For example, write the soft bar, in A5 see an article said, no matter the soft written, good or not, there is no reprint, every day must write an article, so that one year down there are 365. Moreover, QQ chemical network, the site for 14 months, but it is really hard to operate less than 6 months, the other 8 months, I think I am lax, or else the site traffic is perhaps two times now. I was in last year’s 9.18 registered domain name, from last September to January this year, the site has not found the direction, in June this year to September, the site was Baidu down right, greatly affecting passion. When the site traffic is good, we should strive to do, when the site traffic is not good, but also to do it, always keep the passion, do not relax,


three, website optimization summary,

1, long tail keywords are right and wrong. In the first half of the year, I’ve written a few websites summarizing the experiences, which are about the key to doing long tail

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