now to the site, to the small platform from the media, we are considering how to keep visitors because of this problem, do this, we can obtain the considerable development, can be said that there is no future visitors to the site, as if people have no appetite, difficult to grow, so for the major site of the main station how to keep visitors, became a crucial problem.

update site in time, ensure the content is novel. First of all, for the webmaster, the most basic is every day must do is to update their site, it is very important for the station owners, because the content has been updated, the website will concern, and the content of the novel can brighten it can attract more visitors, then update it can be said is easy to understand, so the content of the novel? For example, a game site, updated every day and can not meet the needs of visitors, at the same time, the content is still important, not the blind pursuit of updated, for example, to write a game, if you like white boiling water as demonstrated in front of the user, who presumably don’t want to see, so we must find out the Raiders to write good projects, looking for the Raiders producer, these are the content of the novel, because after all, a novel Content can bring home vision and retain visitors, which is the ultimate goal.

looking for resources outside the station and co operating with each other. Today’s society, a person’s strength is limited, so for the station owners, you can find resources outside the station outside the station, through the linked resources cooperation, we see most of the game website also has Links, so to seek multi resources cooperation, is currently the second sites to keep visitors however, in seeking cooperation, also remember not to dominate their edge away, is the best complementary website, which can promote the cooperation between the two sides, both sides can bring traffic growth, double win such a mode of cooperation is the current need to pursue.

highlights features and builds websites. Of course, if a website art was let people do not want to spoil second look, and it is difficult to keep visitors, the most successful example is similar to Apple’s website, in which platform, its visual effect is so perfect, then there are the owner of the Taobao decoration, beautiful people can be good to hear or see. It will let people stay, so you do not need the main game station to beautiful, simple and suitable color collocation, at least let visitors eyes can accept. But with the increasing attention and visitors to the site, you need to hire a professional artist, on the site landscaping, will rise to make beautiful degree, after all people for the understanding of the appearance of color is the most brain hormone secretion, also can impress the.

there is a very important point, as well as Apple Corp have been emphasized, is characteristic, red tide no characteristics of the site on the Internet, the moment will be flooded, so for the website owner must pay attention to the characteristics of the building through the link >

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