from the site to now has two months, from the initial 0IP to now more than 1000 IP and PR value of 2. For a rookie, very satisfied, and finally thought in the Internet to find their own world, and thus the first thing to get up every day is to open the computer, open the Chinese webmaster net, see the latest developments every day. Every time I see something new, I always feel so fresh, thinking about trying, and I have the idea of building a website of my own.

doesn’t have its own domain name, nor does it have its own space. Let me spend money to buy a domain name and space, in the beginning I really loathe to give up, the main feeling that he is too poor (all the University money borrowed). Just when I had a University Alumni Association building website, I expressed my desire to build a website and got his help in my hard talk. He gave me a domain name, and I started the website.

found a Sichuan company 10G free space makes me excited, everything is ready except one crucial element. With an obsession with NBA, I built a website about NBA, thinking about the number of people traveling in China who love NBA. In this context, my website NBA Encyclopedia built. Most of my heart is China stationmaster net also recommended a Interactive Encyclopedia program, you may not know when I put this program installed can automatically download the entry, I really can’t believe it’s function is so strong, I am more determined to make my faith. AdSense was later submitted to the Google alliance, and soon passed the application, and my ad revenue was also from the initial penny to $a few dollars now. I see the hope of building a website. May be contrary to expectations, at this time, my free space business problems, my website front desk of the proposed entry picture can not be displayed, the plug-in can not be used. Feel very depressed, find space, discuss a statement, ask just know, they suddenly banned outside net visit.

I was wondering why I wasn’t prompted earlier when I was using it. Why did I suddenly limit my site when I did it? I really felt a bit of a meltdown. It reminds me of the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so I suggest friends who want to grow on the Internet, don’t use anything free of charge and pay for it free of charge. Perhaps you work hard to stand up when you suddenly stop, the loss outweighs the gain.

(dedicated to friends who want to start building, my QQ738572310 station,, eager to communicate with you)

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