for most of the webmaster, web site intrusion is often can see the topic, but if you happen to themselves will produce strong indignation, this is the difference between the spectators and participants. In the first year of operation of the site, and did not encounter the question of invasion, but in recent years, met 3 times, each time let me headache, repeated thinking, in the end where there is a problem, but also some Internet users and even extreme Public opinions are divergent., only upload static web page. So share with you three different types of Web sites,


type 1: templates are all modified, add a lot of black chain code.

I have a habit, that is, after opening the computer, first check the site visits, and then look at the site included, and by the way to see the number of friends chain. Around 12 p.m. that night, when I was going to power off the rest, and check the friend chain, suddenly found a lot of strange web site, the page does not show, check the code found, CSS settings hidden. Suddenly sleepy all, the first is the suspicion is not taking mischief, space business engineer on duty 24 hours, call that after the invasion, advised me to upgrade the background program.

was invaded for the first time, quite flustered, worried about Baidu included problems, as well as keywords ranking problem. Although before the site have a backup, but some changes in the background template code, after the lead recovery, found a lot of template is modified before, and after 2 hours of agonizing, was finally restored, but forgot to change the site title, second days, once again changed. This is a big blow to me, although Baidu included not reduced, but the site ranking dropped.

because the site space can not be updated online dedecms, so do not bother to manually update, which is precisely the main reason for invasion. So, update the daemon in time.

type two: home page template is modified, added 4 keywords of a single URL, hide links, and add super administrator.



has the first experience, this should not panic, but this guy actually added super administrator, arrogant. Check out friends’ Web sites, and most of them are added hidden links. Probably through this channel, notice my website, of course, may also be through my website. With regard to adding super administrators, I think it may be a member of the registration function vulnerabilities, through manually written SQL statements submit commands, access to administrator account password. The latest version has fixed this vulnerability, but if you do not register members, then disable this function, the steps such as: System – basic parameters of the system – whether the member settings are open: No, you can.

type three: home page template is modified, added 3 keywords single URL, bright link.


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