occasionally hears product managers and interactive design complaints, and the visual design draft is too different from the original plan, and I myself have encountered similar situations. Investigate its reason, mostly still appear in communication.

effective communication, information equivalence is very important. This equivalence, including the visual design to understand the product demand as soon as possible, get peer and other personnel information; including the exchanges between the two sides of knowledge in the field of equivalence, each other to understand each other more areas of content, in order to better communicate.

for interactive designers, visual design is the most cooperative part of the interactive prototype, after all, in the form of visual presentation in front of the user. Therefore, understanding the visual design is easier to pass the interaction program to the user. At the same time, interactive design as a multi-disciplinary intersection positions, understand some vision, but also their ability to improve. Zhu Geliang has a good saying, "know everything a little, and make life colorful.".

cut to the point and introduce some visual principles one by one. In order to better understand, I’ll cite micro-blog as an example.

uses font to express product style

visual design, font selection for product style performance is obvious, the same paragraph written in different fonts, feeling really different.

The most commonly used

micro-blog released above the box, "what’s new to tell you" the kid, reflects micro-blog released products easily whenever and wherever possible, feeling. If you change the font into "Chinese New Wei body" and "Microsoft elegant black body", it does not feel like the people’s web, but there is no style at all, and the experience is much worse.


museum this sensational home of handwritten text by (FZJingLeiS-R-GB), expressed in the form of a diary, recording life, recording the growth of products feeling, if replaced by general font, feeling is gone.


displays product positioning by color matching

uses color matching to display product positioning, and is also a must for designers. In the early stage of visual design, the color of the target users is often extracted by the emotional edition to form a whole set of color scheme.

Purple: Keywords: Grace, dignity, women, solemnity, holiness, maturity, depth, mystery, fashion. Micro music as a starting platform for music positioning, purple more fashionable charm.


Red: Keywords: art, enthusiasm, openness, passion, enthusiasm, vitality, celebration, life, maturity. Micro broadcast to reflect the grand occasion of the broadcast, passionate red

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