SEO, search engine optimization, as the name suggests, it is necessary to understand the key factors to the search engine for further analysis of our topic today, as a 2 year SEOER, in my own part of the understanding of the contents and relevant information, the search engine is a huge data processing system. The synchronous auxiliary data capture system and data index system respectively to capture useful data and conform to the rules for transfer to the user search to capture data. The two things we need to know about site and domain today are the important commands we’re using when we’re using a search engine. Below I to explain the meaning of popular two orders respectively mean: site+ domain name refers to all the snapshot data of the domain name search engines; domain+ domain name refers to all the snapshot data related domain and the domain name.

above, we understand the meaning and function of these two search engine instructions, site and domain. Below we need to see his role:

Site a domain name all snapshot data we can check our website for what is recognized by search engines and the corresponding weights can also show the position relative to the page for our response, when the home page or product page of the important position in the site row on the snapshot, that these pages reduce the weight of the site that is a very valuable instruction. The snapshot data in the search engine we site out enough, that our website search value is large enough, the same in the search engine, the weight of our web site will also increase, but the website weight is a complex and a wide range of related data, the website site included the number one of the only important reference data.


Domain instruction in SEO are often thought to be a snapshot of the chain or actual data, he is just a domain related domain index snapshot, does not represent the site outside the chain of real data, photo card,

which we can see that the last appeared in Webmaster Tools data already with our domain domain name has nothing to do, but we still have domain data snapshot of the page, this is because the page title with our domain domain name is somewhat similar in appearance, so simple, he will show in the results show us the related domain, at the same time we also see two Baidu in the above is our true link chain of the know, domain is a snapshot of the chain we can find in a certain extent, but this is definitely not an accurate way to count the number of our site outside the chain. At the same time, many a SEO industry people will think that the domain name domain+ cable leads to data in the first place is not the site right down, this is actually not all right, in our understanding of the Baidu weights, Sina encyclopedia, know, blog site weight is very high, the site is not fully search when the engine.

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