when I first got into touch with SEO, someone told me the importance of location, and recommended a marketing classic, "location", the author is Jack Traudl.

I spent the night chatting with one of my seniors last night, and our conversation focused on the word "location". Have the orientation of the life and the position of the website. A website is like a life of its own. Without it, it makes no sense. Many people in the network just contact, full of ambition and high morale, to position themselves, make their own fall from high places, the result is a body covered all over with cuts and bruises, then tell yourself! Don’t worry, I’m still young, then again to reduce the requirements, continue to no purpose blindly the following in the footsteps of the climb. What do you get in the end? Hurt again. That’s how you spend your time.

go back to the subject:

stationmaster should give oneself a position before doing a website, our position will determine the position of keyword of the website. Instead of watching people say the website of Google stock price is high, then the stock investment website altogether in dedication. But you don’t know how big you are. You haven’t even bought any stocks. What is the A shares what is trading? So Web sites in the network are from the same copy and paste. We can find from the Internet, our users and why not? Also leads users to see the first sentence in mind "came from the TNND search engine, this is not the last article" turn away, lost back rate increased the bounce rate, so how to effectively put the site into potential customers


so when we’re doing a website, I think what my interests are and what are my strengths?. Instead of the idea of money, when chasing his girlfriend as huadianxinsi, identified a girlfriend and flower do mind the match up, (of course exclude other rich handsome handsome appearance, can also catch a female) is called –


when she found you since long time for her meticulous (continuously updated), and not only love her appearance (with a unique view of contact industry) is not so bad, you are still quite handsome and (full strength), she is not herself? (to do business the most is not money? Of course) to girls never hidden at home with friends and family to go out, so you have to take the time to give her up (optimization, pay attention to the user experience) so you in your friend that is spring! Everyone will think after looking for a girlfriend to find he that will meet.

hope every webmaster friends can give yourself a position, also hope that young people can guard against arrogance and rashness, our future start from the location of


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