With the rapid development of the Internet, the employment opportunities derived from

are also varied. With friends, learning together when computer management, now Taobao shop, a website, do website optimization, and network contract writer, in what are, and are related to the internet. Now he is a webmaster, spare time with their own website when a domain name investment data. Have a lot of friends for the investment domain is not very understanding, feel this is an opportunistic way of profit, in fact, is not all, domain name investment has a chance, but there also exists the wisdom of the side, you can do the hard to make money, do not light the annual renewal fees enough to drink a pot of their own.

What kind of investment does

have in a reliable way?

To tell the truth

two years ago to do a good domain name investment than now, when investors at least have the opportunity to get a free domain name, and now if we want to have a domain name to have only two options, one is the domain name registered by the way, the second is the buying and selling of domain name, usually about two the longest way rice farmers use investment method. After all, many domain names are now being hoarded by people like Mike Mann, who can’t start the industry without spending money. However, when investing in domain names, we can gain profits in disguised form according to the more popular gold panning methods.

1 through third party transactions hoarding a good friend of the domain name


you must understand that some domain names like linshuhao (Jeremy Lin) and so on, must rely on the current hot can be driven up, and some hard currency, such as the 123456.xx domain and not be disturbed too much outside, and this kind of domain name for a brief note has the advantages of great appreciation of space, so for rice farmers. Hard currency investment such as the domain name can be used as bottom pressure in their own, will not lose money.

2 periodically checks the deleted domain name

but to be honest, for some of the better domain names, the average domain investor can’t get it because of the money and connections, so that’s why we have to look for other investments. Delete the domain name registration and is also a good way to invest, because some have had prepared the case of the old domain name in the construction of the new site has many advantages, such as domain name or reached a certain value, or have its website included quantity is very objective, in the market.

3 invest in English or Chinese Pinyin abbreviation domain name

Now the

domain name investment is very fierce competition, if you want to make money in this field, we should try to do others in unexpected places, and we can use the abbreviation is English place, such as the WTO is short for World Trade Organization, IMF is the abbreviation of the International Monetary Fund, we in the investment domain, can

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