[introduction] home line experience Museum program – I this idea is a reverse O2O mode, with the line experience to promote online consumption. Consumer demand will be unified, and then do brand promotion, after that is convenient shopping. That is, O2O is an advertising platform, not a retail platform, nor is it a shopping mall platform.


these days old one reader pestering me to write to him, Home Furnishing industry. I have no contact with the house at all. How do I write it?. No way, learn from previous reports of a foreign country, designed a home line experience Museum program. Written and written, I seem to have discovered a little hidden meaning of the O2O schema. Like a door, the heavier the more heavy, it is difficult to open a seam, saw the dawn, but not the whole picture. I will now write the idea one by one, looking at the force of the crowd, open the door to the O2O model.

, first of all, tell me what I think. My plan is this, in each city purchase a set of real estate, and then to home products manufacturer investment. Any investment in the manufacturers, they need to provide their own products for the decoration of the property. Of course, the overall design of the decoration, as well as layout, collocation and so on, need professional designers to operate. After exquisite decoration, in the audience to initiate invitations, inviting the upcoming renovation of housing owners come to visit free of charge. In the course of the visit, naturally there are staff members of each household’s manufacturers, work evaluation, sexual price, and so on. After visiting the model room, the staff to consumers a network of home shopping platform links, the above settled businesses are manufacturers directly settled, or regional agents settled. In this way, consumers will have more choice and lower prices.

this idea is a reverse O2O mode, with online experience to promote online consumption. Some people may think that this is a direct extension of the online platform to make an unnecessary move, not good? For offline experience online consumer driven is the dawn I found in the O2O model to explore the.

I think about the decoration of the owners to convene to visit the model room, then introduces the Home Furnishing online shopping platform, because I think that in the upcoming consumer consumption before the moment, when to play the role of brand value. Home products are often used for years, even more than a decade, because they are not easily replaceable. In other words, a consumer has only a few opportunities to deal with home brands in his life. Brand manufacturers as long as the key point in time to consumers highlighting their brand value, so that consumers identify and accept, then consumers from potential customers into real customers will greatly increase the probability. And the key point is when the owner is about to fix it. The so-called "model room" visit, but with a gimmick, will be at this critical point in time to focus on potential consumers, and then instill brand concept.

will then have the idea of brand consumer guide to online consumption, one is to take advantage of the consumer > Strike while the iron is hot..

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