premise is traffic, site for more than three months, new Adsense can also refer to you, sometimes because of thinking about your website, how to make money quickly. Do some useful things, also discouraged, why I will not profit? There are some Adsense profits, but the income is not steady, the blog of Zhang Shengrong is that, sometimes customers come to feel that the word back is not worth the money. Is that too high a price?. Ah! Here Zhang Shengrong blog currently profitable way to tell you, not to mention what skills, Zhang Shengrong is a rough, rough method with a. I hope you can give me a reference.

1, can use the forum of profit method promotion oneself

this method is still in use by Zhang Shengrong, but it takes a little time. Can soak in BBS bubble for a few hours, I believe it will bring you a single, for example, A5 BBS, there are many new AdSense for help, although all is small, but at least can solve oneself website O income. But be persuasive.

2, profitable approach to forum activities, selling soft text

if you are lucky, what award can you get?. Maybe you can’t get any prizes. At least you can make an advertisement for yourself. Someone else has read your article and feels good. Then he will come to see you and cooperate with you. He likes to go to the big forums to see what activities he has.

3, the advertising alliance for profit making

this method is also the whole system, Baidu alliance, Google alliance, as well as Ali alliance, the three major mainstream. Zhang Shengrong another forum for the first time Baidu advertising revenue is very bottom. Anyway, it’s empty. Hanging up is fine. At least I haven’t left it yet.

4, the way to gain knowledge, pay

is Zhang Shengrong’s brother, with popularity compared to engage in independent blog advertising, but the traffic is not high, but can give him a reputation. It’s a rich practice. Free, in fact, there are, for example, usually go to the A5 network, send articles into, is not to see a lot of websites reproduced? In fact, you can contact those who reproduced web site with his cooperation, win each other. However, not immediately is to earn money, this is called long-term fishing big fish. (internal things don’t go out, or partners will be angry.)

method is not much, and then if you do a method to do through the first, Zhang Shengrong is not afraid of everyone grab rice bowl, you can, you can also go on. Since Zhang Shengrong came to the blog, you said very awesome on the Zhang Shengrong blog, Zhang Shengrong will know oneself without reservation to tell you, often on the line.

will improve in the near future:

. Zhang Shengrong

1, dynamic, ready to add a popularity list, who take the first, second, third will put on a super ad. (request: your footprints are often seen within a month)

2, comment on promotion, plus a little bit of their own views, of course, I am not an expert, not pushing hands, but not

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