I have access to the Internet for a long time, just play games on the net, or enumeration data, when you work with, then to see a friend of the site, the site is beautiful, want to learn to do with him, he has also taught me a lot of things, then she also learned to do some song small sites, but all lines are entertainment, do stand is from the beginning of 2009, do not know the site, then my friends chatted, he suggested that I can do the professional women’s website, because women are now the number of Internet users more and more, the future flow it can put the advertisement to make money, so I was at a friend’s help to do a professional female website named charm beauty, remember very excited after all have their own website, the website is built after the next promotion, open their own Learn some information about website promotion and SEO from the internet.

was my understanding of website promotion of SEO is like this, we must write the original article, how to set up the chain, improve their website PR value, exchange with my friend some two sites are basically 2, then find other people exchange, but since the beginning of their website is 0 PR so, want to do Links and others, few people are willing to, so I had to have registered their registered blog, forum, website articles and send again in the forum and blog, as long as the hair when allowed to link with links, keywords and website related with some links. The name of the site directly add charm beauty links, made after a period of time, in the Baidu found it really a lot, to come off the search tried several other ways to promote, check the site traffic From the original more than 10 daily IP slowly increased to more than 500, about 3 months time, every day now website traffic is basically at around 1000, website traffic can also after a friend suggested that I can build a separate channel promotion on Taobao products, then I built a 126 Taobao crown, now basically the daily income can still see the new Taobao customers now do a lot of friends, in order to make detours, I took more than a year of website promotion experience to share with everyone, we hope to help.

1. blog promotion, in the Sina blog, Baidu blog, NetEase blog, write an article, add your site link, if the article is good, generally the same day will be included in Baidu blog, because these weights are relatively high, Baidu can grab included general day or second days.

2. forum propaganda, looking for some older forum, Tianya, Sina wants not only to have the title of good content must be interesting to attract people in the forum, and it can’t have too obvious link, it will make people as advertising was deleted.

3. regularly write some original article, title and content must be precise, insightful, and original articles can not only allow search engines to increase your website weights, but also to allow other people to reprint your article, increase your website exposure.

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