in the network today, there is a vast amount of information to provide people with rich reading; video for people to enjoy; and the stability of the community forum for people exchanges. Etc… network is how much information is used, it has changed people’s life style, communion style, entertainment life! Full of sunshine.

often wondered, "can we have this infinite wonder? Who should we thank?" they should be the most lovable people in the Internet Age — stationmaster and editor.. They are workers. So the network, dedicated as a career, wonderful for others, you are still bustling about every day, maintenance of website, update the content, editing, collecting information, review articles, all in all, all is for the sake of netizens can read the latest information on the Internet to watch the best. The best hi video, to discuss the topic of interest. However, they often work in forget yourself, even forget to eat and sleep, even left out of their own family… How many webmaster is not through the night? No, webmasters and editors… All is a "night owl" even night. They cannot, nor what time to participate in the entertainment, they use their youth to compose a network of the essence of music, they put the flow as fun, visitors praise for fun, imagine, who will look at the website statistics where it has giggle? They. So I said, the era of network.. Who is the most lovely person? Who is more worthy of this title than they are?

in my station I thought and the reality is nothing like ~ how how good webmaster…. Later made a stand: fun, I discovered that the original network workers do a very hard, well done is hard, but hard to hard, watching their performance every day slowly increased, the heart is full of the joy of harvest, filled with a sense of achievement…..

today I want to say is the webmaster, editing, network technology is also a sacred work, those roots are like me, met with difficulties, trouble, don’t give up your dream, you know what we do is a very meaningful work, a personal hard to exchange for a million visitors smile and praise. Hard work is worth it! We will be anger the same lovely


so, the most lovable people, let’s work together to create a harmonious and wonderful network, to bring infinite happiness to those who need us, and then we will get happy returns.

– this article is dedicated to all the most lovable people who have been dedicated to net friends!

– Canoe

2008.3.14, 2 a. m.,

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