operated more than two years of Zhaoqing information port, involving the overall user service is relatively complete, established a user base is relatively large, but also in Zhaoqing local have greater influence. Its product city is indeed a core competitiveness, has long established a good reputation of local users, your company’s Web site has a strong local competitiveness, as well as greater potential for development. Now I simply say to my opinion, nothing more than the profitability of local station is local catering and entertainment businesses, real estate, automobile, talent, friends, business services and so on several major industries in Zhaoqing, the city, the rapid development in recent years, the development trend of the industry is also around more than a few profit so, we should take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate the development, aiming at several more profit point extends new profit model to the website rooted in local users in mind.

: first, build more users with core competitive products. I think that the present development of resources in the company should strengthen its core competitiveness through the city, the city service scope enlarged, natural user will enlarge the scope of the city, the city through the products in our basic understanding of the line, not a lot of your city products through the understanding of the people, to do full play to the core competitiveness in this role, it can be the first combination of talent and dating channel, because the interaction of the two channels more, attract more users. As long as we build a relatively large user base, for example, we have 30% of the local users’ resources, we have no advantages over other services or products.

then: increase business interaction with the place. Now the media promotion has been unable to meet the needs of the business, businesses need to interact more fully and more comprehensive platform, we as a new local media, potential customers but also businesses, naturally become their choice to carry out interactive marketing. For example, a well-known local website and a magazine media cooperation plan to organize the "ideal community I designed", large readers get. Its activities have received nearly more than 300 entries, selected by the jury to write biographies, selected from the ten finalists golden idea. These ideas from the park cultural life, science and technology, environmental protection, comfort and other point of view, said at the beginning of the ideal living in the minds of the designers, so do not, on the development of real estate construction and late property management is a very good inspiration. The case was also named "the ten biggest marketing event of the year" by the youth daily.

this activity, with the business to join, the form of activity is certainly quite diversified. For example: car test drive, "feeling good men and women dating activities, and parent-child activities, which believe that your company has very good conditions on some tasting events, but if with the cooperation of the media, this can also be a resource complementary role each one takes what he needs. Because these offline activities really increased the local influence of the website and the media.

finally: build portal + Community >

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