every holiday people everywhere express figure, online shopping has become a part of people’s life, so the open shop is absolutely the market, open and independent shop benefits, wealth road can go more easily.

in the face of such a big cake, more and more people began to choose to open network on the internet. Open shop, has become a very fashionable and an air of things. But due to various reasons, many people did not use the shop system to set up its own shop, but choose to open a shop in Taobao, eBay and other C2C e-commerce platform, inevitably some constraints, difficult to grow a lot of experience, so sorry. Here, we will come up with an analysis of the benefits of open independent shop six.

A, brand

the construction site, home need a good domain name, so that it is convenient for memory and communication. The shop in the Taobao platform, the site is longer, not easy to remember. Has an independent shop, publicity is their own domain name, businesses and customers gathered in their own platform, in their own efforts, but also for their own shop to earn traffic and visibility.

also can design their own features page, payment interface, shopping cart, let their own shops look more professional, occupation, enhance the customer’s identity and sense of belonging.

two, the free

designIf you use

The function of

have more time independent domain name, space, function and characteristics of the page, online more easily the promotion, promotion and recommendation

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