said that every shopkeeper knows the importance of the name of the shop, however, how to name this is actually need to pay attention to skills, not every shopkeeper can easily do. Not only the store so, Taobao shop is the same. So, what are the names of Taobao shop skills? Let me see small series of.

Taobao shop name skills

a, can start from the five behavior of the project name.

two, from the name of the owner of the store to remove one or two words combined with the characteristics of the project name.

three, with the opening of the season combined with the fate of the store owner of the five lines.

four, from the shops as the starting point of the name.

five, such as shops for unified name store, the shop name and operator in five life or not, then try to a longer extension, if not possible, can add the suffix hidden in the store.

Taobao shop named principle

Taobao shop name to remember

why do you remember, if you remember the name of a good, others will think of your shop.

Taobao shop name to be related to

you must have a high correlation with the name of the shop, it is best to add the name behind what is done, such as recharge, XX recharge shop.

Taobao shop named Geely

a lot of people from the name of the "auspicious" these two words turn, how to get a name is more auspicious, as long as Geely, business may be good.

Taobao shop name to reflect the brand

in Taobao we mention it "seven princess" that he is doing the ladies is right, there are many shops are the same, in reality we brought a big game player that he is playing a game.

Taobao shop name to listen to

did not sound nice to see people, I believe that the good name and good name we see at a glance.

even if the operation of the product is very good, the service is not bad, but if it is just because the name of the shop is not right, which is undoubtedly very detrimental to the development of the entire store. So, if you open a Taobao store, with more than these small

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