tofu shop requires great courage, so the production process is more complex than tofu, now has advanced manufacture equipment, and a Henan guy is not afraid of hard work, in Xinjiang opened a tofu shop.

The idea of learning how to make tofu

Zhang Xiaochuang but iron heart: "three hundred and sixty line, adventure.has, sell tofu is also in order to start his own business, the tofu shop, I am not afraid of hardship."

snapadoo, Zhang Xiaochuang made a Doufufang apprentice in Shihezi.

2004 years, with Zhang Xiaochuang as an apprentice saved up money to rent a house in Shihezi Development Zone, with making tofu pot, electric grinding, try to start their own businesses.

through difficulties so that he tasted the hardships of entrepreneurial dreams. The first is to make tofu the process is complex, his personal wish one day twenty-four hours lianzhouzhuan; second to let the customer approved tofu, develop sales is a big problem.

three months, Zhang Xiaochuang lost ten kilograms.

The sand stone picking up the

"make tofu, soybean where the tofu is not clean, will affect the taste, taste and excellent quality in order to win more repeat customers, recommend

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