basic necessities of life, clothing, the first row of the word, the popularity of the clothing industry is evident. Many entrepreneurs want to open a clothing store, so, how to open a clothing store? Here is a detailed description of the steps to open a clothing store for investors.

it is a very important link, is the one thing we need to spend time. First of all, good location can avoid a lot of competition, is the key to determine your consumer groups. Secondly, the choice of shops by your money, how much money you can choose what kind of shops in what area. In general, the need for funds to open the shop, including the first payment of rent, renovation budget, purchase funds, working capital.

clothing store decoration must be simple and clean, the same style clothes have been placed, the hanging plate must be good collocation, avoid too fancy special collocation.

During the

each replenishment mainly to see the store selling many clothes and decided to take the one-time explosion models also avoid too much, make inventory less likely to store, while ensuring the update frequency of clothing.


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