do you like cakes? I particularly love anyway, small, always feel old when tasting cakes of men of literature and writing, that high officials and noble lords enjoyment is the most touching. Food is a manifestation of human wisdom crystallization. Food is also indispensable to the human world. Is an element of life. Like the body’s tissues and organs. The world can’t have no food. So catering investors never need to worry about the arrival of the era of food and beverage industry.

Beijing Yi acceptation Co. Ltd is a food and beverage to food and beverage equipment, food research and technology development, catering, catering project consulting and planning services for the integrated development of the enterprise, to promote "tradition and fashion, delicious and healthy diet" new culture of responsibility, adhering to the "integrity, innovation, professional, pragmatic" business philosophy, dedicated to the promotion of food culture.

The essence of

Beijing snacks extensive collection of Chinese and foreign traditional snacks, is to have the complete varieties, rich product taste, suitable for all sales of special snack, snack shop can be fixed, Golden Chicken joined mobile operators, the minimum investment of several hundred yuan can achieve the business as the boss of the dream, is a small venture investors good project.

gold snack restaurant management center after the launch of gold plum king, small honey bread, pastry and launched a series of popular, low sugar, nutrient ages of mung bean cake. Mung bean cake pastry stuffing, skin layers, clear and crisp entrance that is melting, good taste, refined into pale yellow bean selected high quality mung bean shell peeled, brewed into research, become the favourite food. Sichuan, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin and other places are also rapidly expanding dozens of stores.

Beijing gold snacks join condition:

1, my family and I have good health and passion in the industry.

2, willing to accept the "golden snacks" headquarters management, to participate in a unified training.

3, to provide a legal identity card, so as to establish a real file headquarters.

4, is willing to consciously maintain the golden snacks brand image, not by the golden snack brand effect damage the interests of consumers.

5, after the opening of the headquarters is willing to provide stores and sales of photos of the scene, so that the headquarters to establish customer files. Three months after joining the company does not provide open photos and operating conditions, the headquarters will be withdrawn from the franchise.

6, headquarters and franchise stores for the vertical chain of business relations, rather than the relationship between the upper and lower levels of mutual investment, the franchisee shall not borrow gold snacks brand, do any

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