in today’s society, as people’s life style is not correct, but also environmental pollution deepened, more and more people in a sub healthy state, along with the modern people especially the elderly and more focused on health, health food is more and more favored by consumers. Open a health care chain is definitely a good thing to make money.

1. customers into the store to rely on service features

hypothesis: 1, the store is direct manufacturers, the manufacturers do not have the reputation of products and services, also does not have the brand awareness; 2, available resources, funding and advertising resources are not very rich; 3, product features; 4, market segmentation more clearly how to meet these conditions;

store promotion?

the traditional super advantage is the high popularity, the larger flow of people, but the cost is relatively high, this advantage is long-standing, health products chain advantage is to establish a brand and service image and don’t fight Shang Chao visibility, whether from the convenience of purchase or reputation purchase guide trends in health products chain store is certainly a match for super.

a health care products when opening chain stores only 20 customers enough, and then rely on service slowly extended, people will rise more slowly. On the issue of propaganda, some people made 100 copies of the magazine, to a person, some people made 100 copies of the results to the 10 people, there is a concept of the problem, is to see who can grasp the consumers "value free recommendation

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