students do planting projects, harvest life pot of gold, become a wealth of word of mouth. Recently, in the eastern slope of the town of Chongli White Horse Village, a Strawberry Park, the reporter saw the 25 year old Peng Xiaoqin. She was busy picking strawberries for the people, collecting money, busy. "It’s a good harvest again." She said with a smile, then, she told reporters about his entrepreneurial story.

2009 in June, Peng Xiaoqin graduated from the Southwestern University, working at a wedding company in Chongqing. Wages only 800 yuan, but very hard, in the persuasion of her parents, she decided to return to employment in Meishan. However, after returning to Meishan, she has not found a satisfactory job.

Peng Xiaoqin strawberries for the first move, let parents uncomfortable. She gave up her own, but to the neighboring village land transfer 38 acres of land to grow. "Why not plant their own land? To rent someone else’s land?" Mother He Fuzhi reluctant, but also very confused.

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