Zhang Zhaoyang, a celebrity I’ve been privileged to interview recently. I believe we must have found that in the last year, Zhang Zhaoyang only in the case of extreme necessity, such as the release of the Sohu video drama or when he attended the event, only to light up the glass room. In March 19th the 90 minute interview, just from the closed out Guanzhong he and I maintain a strange gap, this gap so that he is always in a state of excited and confused, he often give an irrelevant answer.

gap in the photographer taking pictures of him, Zhang Zhaoyang told me that he was still in the woods recently, I put him ahead from the woods abruptly to pull out, he would have been scheduled for his comeback at that time after a few months, he will lead the company to return to the Internet Sohu the center of the stage.

1997 in February, the founder of Zhang Shuxin Ying Haiwei invited "shuozihuashengcun" author Negroponte, the day of the press conference, Zhang Zhaoyang volunteered to translate the stage, and the media to promote his successor is Negroponte, he started his company has also been Nigeria’s investment; the second day, a large number of media reports of Zhang Zhaoyang and Negroponte the real story, and invited Negroponte Zhang Shuxin to become a foil. Zhang Shuxin complained to me 17 years later: "I invited Negroponte to popularize the knowledge of the Internet in China, but he brought him to fame in."

start at the beginning can be seen at the time of Zhang Zhaoyang, the central stage of how hard to stand up to the internet.

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