said although the range of special populations is very wide, special populations and a small series of this emphasis refers to the number of acquaintances, or is the child’s teacher, money is not appropriate, do not make money and will lose money, but others may not agree with. If there is such a situation, you want to get the recognition of the nature of the customer needs to be handled skillfully. So, how to open the supermarket to deal with the special crowd?

actually, I really don’t want to run a supermarket when I meet these special people. However, it can not avoid. That day, our child’s teacher in charge of my supermarket shopping, the teacher bought a bag of flour, then I was very contradictory. Should it be charged? The teacher took out 100 yuan of money, then I took it, and said to the teacher: "teacher Chen, this bag I according to the purchase price to you, when is the right to get you a bag!" After listening to my words, Chen did not refuse, his mouth kept saying: do not do this, you do business is not easy!"

finally, I received the payment according to the purchase price. Teachers are grateful. Finally, I also use the electric car to help Chen directly to the flour flour, Chen said gratefully: "every time the most worried is to go upstairs to carry flour, this time thanks to you ah!" At this time, I added: "Chen, after you use flour directly to me to make a phone call, I sent you directly to the home!" In this way, I did not lose, and did not let Chen embarrassment.

I touched her with my own reality. In more than ten minutes of communication, I feel close to the distance and chen. After the day she frequented our supermarket, but also brought a lot of their friends and relatives. Therefore, in the face of these special groups, we must use the sincerity to impress them, so that they can understand our psychological, but also allow them to have a choice of space, so that it can do two birds with one stone?

in the face of such a special crowd, if handled improperly, it is possible to lose such a group of customers, even the potential customers around them will not come. So, open the supermarket business may wish to learn some skills to see how to treat these special customers better, so that the supermarket will be better operation.

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