in different places, even the same name, the interpretation of the people will have different influence on the business of the shop also are not the same. In Guangzhou there is a saying: do not be afraid of the wrong child, afraid of the wrong name. The name such as the name, although just a symbol, but a good business, may fast. So, if you want to shop business is hot, a good name will be very important.

: lady love to eat "cousin"

grew up in Guangzhou Xiguan housewife Huang Guiqing, is the home of the procurement minister, often walking through the alley, the Guangzhou City store name change as.

"30 years ago, the shop name, now seems to feel very old, very revolutionary, very similar." Yellow lady said, "cinema called Venus, Xinhua, forward, the hotel called Xiang Qun, dessert shop named flowers, grocery store called for the people, even the road from Zhongshan all the way to eight Zhongshan Road, Dongfeng Road from the road to the five road."

"now, personalized, fashion, vernacular, dull remarks do not give up." Yellow lady said, "one is the Home Dishes class restaurant, it is very special, for example, there are huge crowds of people with backbone, no smell, porridge, often, Yumizhixiang, grandmother, cousin, three meals a day and so on. I recently went to cousin tea restaurant, in addition to the style of its Hong Kong products and the environment, the kind of name is also a factor to attract me."

: the name "thunder" trendsetter people shop in

ROSE, the biggest hobby is shopping trendsetter. She entered the fashion shops and boutiques, are often the first to see its name, the name "thunder" in talent. She just a few home suits her name: "a complex set _ nine 00.SHOP – ray you down it, there are 39 degrees, I do not know whether to knit tide have a fever? Twist meter Buddha, Bai style unparalleled, tin tin grocery store, heaven to the left, finger pointing, this person, and so on, remember, are very special."

shop name, the leader of the trend than the hair house. In 90s called "Husinenshang Salon", implying that "make blind and disorderly conjectures momentary limelight without the two idioms.". Then the "reward color", "basic", "hair", "not on silk" and "head wind" have appeared.

later, the store holding high streets and back lanes, all the streets Chinese firm new in order to be different, even the potential English Chinese characters letters of liberation. Once upon a time, there was an interesting conversation on the Internet — "a store took such a name……" "What is it called?" "I don’t know." "I don’t know what you say?" Know is know!" Don’t know don’t say!" "I don’t know! The name is not ah!"

Why is

tea restaurant called "cousin"

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