is now talking about jewelry, many people think of the object is our women. Indeed, we can not deny that women do play a very big role in the jewelry market consumption, however, in the current era, male jewelry can also have a very large market demand. So, open a male jewelry store, will be equally good to make money oh.


is the darling of the consumer market, but with the concept of change, and now the consumer group is also very worthy of mining. Their high spending power and strong consumer demand is the potential market share.

Lee, although the male jewelry store only two years of history, but it has been a very good development, the annual turnover is not lower than other female jewelry store. This opened in the downtown area of the store, just look from the outside looks generous, concise, all show masculine masculinity. Near this jewelry store are some international well-known brand stores, such as Gucci, Adidas, etc.. Every day in and out of the jewelry store male customers than expected.

according to the market survey before Lee, 18-35 year old male customers is the main consumer groups, and their accessories for requirement is new and original, with a male charm. Lee at the time of purchase strictly take into account all the needs of customers, for customers of different ages, the store also take different management strategies, such as a middle-aged man, they will prepare generous rich gold jewelry carving, so to highlight their social status.

for young people, they will be ready to carve the silver jewelry with good personality. At the same time, they not only is the jewelry business men, and also sell some tie, shoes, wallets, men who need things can be one-stop shopping in this store, but for some products no sex they will be introduced.

Ms. Lee is also strict demands on their saleswoman in the marketing, to the moment when the face with a smile, with a sincere attitude to win the favor of customers. Due to the perfect pursuit of every detail, Ms. Lee’s jewelry store has been operating well. Facts have proved that Ms. Lee’s choice is correct.

formulate business strategy, we must first identify the audience. For example, the business for the rich, we must do the high-end goods taste. For the woman’s business, we should focus on considering people’s aesthetic taste, but also consider the woman need some accessories to match up consumption. Ms. Lee know how to seize the consumer psychology, it is the first to occupy a large share of the market.

consumer groups have their own advantages

1. target audience group >

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