a restaurant business is good or bad is determined by a number of factors, and it can also run a healthy operation of unlimited business skills. Want to open a successful restaurant, we must first understand the customer requirements for restaurant services.

1. enthusiasm of the virtual, can not see the sincerity, not as good as the natural point!

to many hotels often have such feelings, into the lobby along the way, whether it is the aisle or floor entrance, or the compartment door has a waiter greeting: Welcome. Some hotel is more stylish and full of spirit, in order to highlight the quality and respect for the guests, a few steps a gang, welcome greeting guest visit next time in a continuous line, when the sound remains the same, feel very uncomfortable.

first is to make people feel good around the dining, dining scattered attention, because people are accustomed to the attention of the new people look out, for sound often make guests feel at ease, is oneself should go. At the same time the waiter formal greetings and farewells, people can not feel the humanity and enthusiasm, the feeling of being a formula to deal with, and even some welcome guests at the same time the waiter in the eyes of free or colleagues and doing slapstick, original intention good move to become have the order reversed.

especially to train service personnel should have correct attitude, smile to be pure, gentle, good voice face customers, not as a mere formality. Those empty slogans rather than smile slightly nod nod, a simple "hello" to allow customers more comfortable. People like to say that they really do not have the mind, in fact, may be completely inconsistent with the facts, but the human instinct is to oppose those things, especially in the service of the particular.

2. your attitude makes me care, relax can let me taste delicious.

Is a focus on the face of the national vanity and

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