health wine is not uncommon, the elderly demand for this product is relatively large. Health care wine development prospects are good, businesses in the investment and management, but also need to be based on market conditions, master skills, targeted operations.

1, brand differentiation

2, product selling alienation

3, channel innovation

Product Operation in the channels of the noncongestion determines the speed and strength of the products into the market, and for health wine, the bigger problem is the choice of channels, stores or restaurants, channels, super channel, more large-scale channels have to fine points, there is in the channel innovation, since the health wine has not been out of operation of an idealized model, it can explore a variety of channels, and there are many channels worth trying. For example, night night filed channels, channels, may we all thought it was the exclusive channel of beer, wine and wine. In fact, not so, there are a lot of liquor enterprises aimed at the night of this huge high consumption channels, also have a look in the southern city.

4, communication innovation

now, whether it is some health wine products on the market, or some restaurants, restaurants, homemade Chinese wolfberry wine, liquor, wine, health wine ants, in the market, is how to say how effective in nourishing. Health wine to expand the spread of the efficacy of the appeal, and will not change the perception of consumers. In fact, this practice is

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