is now a lot of young people working in the city, people have been humorously called "Moonlight clan". Indeed, prices are now rising, work has been far from meeting the needs of people’s lives, the monthly salary is only enough for their own lives, there is no balance. Sichuan young Hu Jiang was also a moonlight clan, but now rely on breeding hens have been over ten thousand yuan monthly income.

after repeated exploration and demonstration, Hu Jiang found laying hens breeding market, through to the large chicken farms field "from the" after the final decision of laying hens breeding.

have tasted the "sweetness", Hu Jiang increasingly bold. At the beginning of 2011, farm Hu Jiang will be the original house for the expansion of 800 square meters, and purchased 1000 chicks. At present, the scale of chicken farms to feed more than 2000 hens, Nissan eggs, not only in the local supply of eggs, but also sold to Yibin, Leshan and other places.

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