any of the stores are not always without any change in the current day changing society, if has not changed, I am afraid it is difficult to adapt to social change. Luo Guiping city is an ordinary cigarette retail businesses, operating small stores, but there are 10 years of history, integrity management, keep pace with the times, good at capturing the business opportunities is the key to successful management of the old. Not long ago, Luo and at their own expense invested 20 thousand yuan to transform the store, business profit margin further improved, this let colleagues especially envy.

change management concept

the last century at the end of 90s, Luo try holding the mentality for the tobacco monopoly retail license from tobacco and indissoluble bound. In the past, selling cigarettes is very simple, the day of the pulley with a cigarette cabinet pushed outside the store, then pull back in the evening, the customer wants to smoke what smoke from the cigarette cabinet, the business can be so easy to go.

but in recent years Luo felt more and more difficult to do business. "Urban management is not allowed to enter the lane stall, store, so lost a lot of customer flow. And opened a nearby supermarket, become my strong competitors, robbed the high-end customers." Luo said with emotion.

to do business in order to make money, the key is to find the doorway. In the tobacco companies organization after training, Luo learned the advanced experience of other businesses, which makes his eyes deeply touched and inspired. Liuzhou retail business is my example, the store also has a big profit." Luo said, "now consumers are very focused on the store image, love clean, bright, elegant, upscale shops, dirty and narrow shops increasingly difficult to survive."

survival of the fittest, change is the future. Luo, to do business, concepts, ideas and confidence is very important, now the business environment and consumers have changed their mode of operation only changes, to keep pace with the times.

change store image

2011 earlier this year, Luo began to transform the store, looking for his own design and construction workers, let the wife see the Internet for excellent store model, and field observation compared to large shopping malls. "Generous, clean, bright, professional is the basic requirements for the transformation of the store." Luo said, his storefront renovation including renovation of the store, store signs, light boxes, transformation of shelves and smoke cabinets, computer system upgrade and increase equipment, video surveillance, wall advertising implantation.

to fight for consumers, first of all to attract the attention of consumers. In the new store signs at the same time, Luo also specially installed LED, scroll to broadcast advertising, which makes their generous eye-catching storefront. The walls into the "dragon", "Hongta mountain", "Double Happiness" kingpin brand ad, in Recommendation

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