now, there are a lot of beauty salons, how to achieve the success of their ancestors? Store image design is the key. Attention to detail, more likely to succeed. How to do a good image of the store? Please look at the small series together!

first design of a frame before the United States, which placed a towel neatly. The towel is a direct service to the customer, so the customer care. Select the general selection of 100% cotton towel add appropriate color to light based, such as light blue, yellow, red, purple, can. After cleaning every day must be soaked with disinfectant for 5-10 minutes is appropriate. The use of detergents to wash the towel is the best way, its advantages are not alkaline, do not hurt the towel.

General requirements for light and bright, can use various energy-saving lamp. Quantity should not be too much, the winter requirements of crisp, warm summer, spring, autumn comfortable.

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