woman cheated 700 thousand yuan investment, more than analysts took turns relay relay. From the bronze medal analyst to the gold medal analyst, to lure the return of the profits cheated women’s trust, and ultimately all losses.

"is really a city into the fire!" Ms. Wu talked about last year when the investment losses lamented that she was the name of a Beijing YDL Commodity Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "full power") Shanghai branch pit miserable: she has four times invested 696 thousand yuan with the analyst fried spot, to the final account only 9989.09 yuan.

"I was utterly ignorant of this business, profit is the power phone bombing after entering the market, and in their manipulation of so much money a little lost inside." Later, Ms. Wu through the study of relevant laws and regulations, grasp the fact that the alleged illegal profits, after repeated negotiations to recover 430 thousand yuan.

[temptation investment]

last February at the end of the day, Ms. Wu drove on the way to work in a radio broadcast to hear the investment program. In the interactive session, the guests said that they can send a text message on how to properly manage the book. Holding the purpose of learning, Ms. Wu sent a text message. However, the finance and investment, the book has not come, financial adviser YDL Shanghai branch of the Lee’s call but one day call several times, the person claiming Beijing YDL Commodity Trading Co. Ltd. is a Beijing commodity Bats Exchange Inc No. 058 member units.

, Ms. Wu is not interested in fried silver. But Lee on the phone to give her a hard time brainwashing, said fried silver fried oil is an investment boom, advised her not to miss this opportunity to make a fortune. At the same time, Lee also talked about a lot of successful cases of their customers. Lee said her special a female client is a chief financial officer, misappropriated company 500 thousand yuan fried in a spot, Guo teacher under the guidance of two months has been pushed up to about 2000000 yuan, not only the company’s funds, but also earned two hundred million yuan.

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