jade is very popular with people’s jewelry, has a huge market demand, consumers in the specific purchase, often do not know how to choose genuine, so d need to make full preparations. Now we will share a few tips to identify the authenticity of jade, for consumers to buy a better reference.

the first recruit to see color: natural jade color natural, uneven distribution, green to extend, generally no fluorescence.


second strokes: polishing polishing surface of natural jadeite is fine and smooth surface, with a strong vitreous luster oil, if careful observation on the polishing surface, usually can be seen as a variable phenocryst interwoven structure, under normal circumstances, the same piece of jade phenocryst particles of uniform size also slightly transparent to visible; an opaque white fibrous crystal, commonly known as "stone

a third voice: tap the natural jade, a is a clear and melodious voice, if it is artificial processing product is a low dull voice

fourth strokes: because the jade density, using his hands, there are thugs feeling; jade holding water is very strong, in the above water, drops the higher processes is genuine.

want to buy real jade, consumers also need to be specific about from the above aspects, now on the market a lot of brands to buy genuine jade, and should also have more professional knowledge on how to identify it. Through the above analysis, I hope to provide consumers with more reference.

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