pearl with its rounded shape and a lot of whitening maintenance has been a lot of people’s favorite, whether it is worn on the body or grinding into powder, are of great value. Here is the Pearl and started, a look at his life.

"and the Pearl played half life dealings, destined to become my second hometown lake." The day before, reporters in the East China International Jewelry City construction site to see the executive director Lin Xianfu is busy, as at the helm of the jewelry City, he patiently told reporters that at present, the East China International Jewelry City has become a world star jewelry industry attention, in the construction have devoted all efforts in recent years in Jewelry City energy spent far more than their in pearl industry 20 years of effort.

2006 April 18th, with a total investment of over 3 billion yuan in East China International Jewelry City Construction started. Entrusted by all the shareholders of the company, as one of the shareholders of Lin Xianfu as jewelry city executive director, solely responsible for Jewelry City Construction and investment work. Lin Xianfu said that the construction of responsibility weightier than Mount Tai Jewelry City, this is not only to improve infrastructure, more important is the introduction of international advanced management concept, make jewelry city more active trading, the real Shanghai into an international center of Pearl production.

now, in fact do so. Through the joint efforts of all parties, the East China International Jewelry city came into being, as one of the shareholders of the company, Lin Xianfu matchmaking in the jewelry city on this investment projects contributed. Lin Xianfu said: the choice of Zhuji to build a world-class pearl jewelry trading center is the people’s livelihood group, Hongkong, senior decision-makers, thoughtful, long-term demonstration.

"at present, China Jewelry City construction as recommended

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