no matter what shop, investors need to handle a variety of documents, in order to legalize their own shops, and enjoy the rights and interests of all aspects of legal protection. So open a snack bar for documents cumbersome? Here’s a case to tell you.

10 square meters   shop opened two months


– Ronaldinho (snack shop owner)

2014 in April 8th, for the 25 year old Ronaldinho is a long-awaited day, he and his friends plan for the first half of the snack bar finally opened in Beijing, Haidian District lively Wudaokou.

"open snack bar, wondered if the customers do not recognize, early may not make money, the landlord can raise the rent, just didn’t think shop procedures will be so difficult." According to Ronaldinho’s original plan, more than a dozen square meters of snack bar, a month will certainly be able to do the opening procedures. Who knows, the snack shop is small, but many departments involved, before and after the approval of a lasted more than two months, the opening time delay, from February to March, and from March until April.

Ronaldinho said, opening a small restaurant in Beijing, by industry and commerce, food supervision, environmental protection, taxation, public security, fire protection, finance and other departments for approval approved nearly 10. "If only a unit of a unit trial, it is not complicated. Really make people feel frustrating is that each link is linked to the approval process, but the approval departments are independent of each other, a bit slower, will affect other aspects of the advance, virtually increase the approval time."

opened to business license, business license and in the lead, they want to get environmental license and catering service license. To apply for environmental protection license first to the EPA to apply, after a good time, ask the staff to check the door to see whether the lampblack machine is qualified, sewage pipes are in line with the requirements. When handling food and beverage service license to apply to the operating room first, Ronaldinho, they also have a large hospital for health checks, health knowledge training, and other results, and then make an appointment to check the door. After a good appointment, the staff will come to inspect the disinfection, cleaning facilities, as well as the processing area and the proportion of the location of the business area, etc.. Similarly also

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