entrepreneurship is now a lot of people are doing, want to engage in, then, how to start? Join is a good way, is a major form, then, how to join? Join the process should pay attention to!


recently, a study of intention stores, new house, new ideas, and plans to join, but because the contact time is little, so to inspect, operation of the house is very beautiful, very spacious, newly built, the location is very good, in the village of ten word blocks, traffic has not I have to say, but is more concerned about the software, that is, the concept of operations, I exchange with each other more.

complementary resources

each other

because of each other, have joined the cooperation, which is a form of intelligence cooperation each other. No one wants to be bound, but free management, and requires a reasonable limit, too far, a lot of agricultural retail shop is due to too much freedom, will soon encounter development bottleneck, finally settle, or piaffe, can not adhere to the continued prosperity, we must recognize each other’s shortcomings in our cooperation before. Chain enterprises need to carry out a reasonable and orderly expansion of development, franchisees need to be more excellent, more sustainable management support and brand building. Reasonable will chain enterprises also need adequate human and suitable people to meet the needs of the development, also is the chain enterprises need to store; join it, it needs a relatively mature business philosophy and management means to ensure the benign operation and development of late early growth. When in contact, can perceive this demand, cooperation naturally also have the condition.

and promote comity

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