said, our first reaction is the famous soup crab soup dumplings, but here Xiaobian want to introduce is no less than the other with a soup shop crab soup, it is Laotaimen soup. When you have a comprehensive understanding of the Laotaimen soup dumplings after I believe you will love it.

Laotaimen Food Co. Ltd., formerly known as "Chinese soup King Food Co. Ltd., from the beginning of 2002 shop management, which lasted more than two years of hard pioneer, developed more than one hundred stores, shop Business Flourishes. As a result of rapid development, but the "China soup king" and the trademark can not be registered. Then, apply to the State Trademark Laotaimen in October 2004, which lasted two years. In August 2006 officially registered in the relevant departments of the state registration changed to "Laotaimen Food Co. ltd.". In November of the same year the state promulgated the Laotaimen trademark since Laotaimen Food Co. Ltd. formally "Laotaimen" as a trademark, with soup primarily to enter the national market.

hunger breeds discontentment, special snack, is even more popular, everyone in the pursuit of food quality today, brand market promising daily snacks. Laotaimen soup is a soup dumplings "features, with Spring rolls and hemp balls, egg yolk bag, a knife, Steamed Buns noodles, hamburger, Chinese characteristics, such as crystal Steamed Pork Dumplings Laotaimen Jianjiao Jiangnan special snack" auxiliary "Chinese fast food snacks. Laotaimen soup founder Mr. Qing Song, on the basis of inheriting the traditional process, according to the new concept of the modern green health, delicacy, bold innovation and practice, eventually formed the unique production process Laotaimen soup with flavor, in fully retained the traditional soup dumplings thin skin, stuffing, soup filling etc. on the traditional soup dumplings taste greasy, skin elasticity, soft waxy defects without chewing feeling, and has formed a complete set of strict and complete process of production process, make the standardized management become a reality.

Laotaimen soup with their unique way of management, with high quality and inexpensive, sanitary and convenient and first-class service, won the majority of consumers, gradually expand the market. Only in about two years of preparation time, the company developed the more than and 100 outlets, but also accumulated rich experience in the development process, from the product form to change the taste of adjustment, from the store location to the unified style of decoration, from the business strategy to legislation, have operation scheme very careful and detailed, paving the way for the subsequent development of the company. So far just over a year’s time, Laotaimen soup has been in Shaoxing, Shenyang, Dalian, Ji’nan, Beijing, Changchun, Hohhot, Urumqi and other developed more than and 200 cooperative stores or outlets, and basically store profits. The old station keeper to quality, service and environmental quality, strengthen their own business philosophy and management team, to care for the needs of every investor and consumer, enhance the vitality and market competitiveness of the company and on various outlets and cooperative store

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