in the vast area of the economy has been significantly developed, for some of the poor areas of the economy to take certain support strategies, is a very necessary thing. Recently, Jianyang City Plaza held a charity charity donation ceremony. In accordance with the unified deployment of poverty alleviation task in Chengdu, Chengdu finance office and the Jianyang City Lok Lok Lok village formed a helping hand. According to the "Yue Le village poverty alleviation development plan", Chengdu City Finance Office will fight for the village and integrate all aspects of funds, strengthen the construction of infrastructure in roads, water – based, so as to improve the living conditions of local people.

concern is that in the end of 7, "on the support of modern agriculture in Jianyang seven measures" formally introduced, including loan plan, investment and financing to build a platform supported platform, strengthen the formation of agricultural insurance services, "finance" has become the key words well deserved.

there are indications that a Pratt & Whitney finance as the lead, led by industry poverty alleviation, innovative financial products to help the poor, create a new model of financial services to extend the accuracy of poverty alleviation is quietly born in Sichuan. And behind it, by the financial institutions to put together the spark power, has gradually become a prairie fire potential.

from "to promote the development of inclusive financial planning (20162020 years)", to "China CBRC guidance" office on 2016 to promote the development of inclusive financial work, with the development of a series of policies and measures and safeguard measures, inclusive finance has become one of the hottest words.

, however, what exactly is inclusive finance? Not everyone has a "standard"". In the opinion of vice secretary of Sichuan provincial banking association long, Bank of Sichuan Province Association of full-time deputy director of the village Bank Committee Wen Weihu, first of all inclusive financial means "universal benefits", "down to earth, and help the public, serve water, improve people’s livelihood, small and micro business rules say, sustainable". At the same time, to have a reasonable price, guaranteed profit margins; sustained security, simple and convenient; business continuity, transaction integrity and other characteristics.

this also with the definition of "financial inclusion" Five Year Plan "of the so-called financial inclusion, agree without prior without previous consultation refers to the requirements based on equal opportunities and sustainable business principles, to provide adequate and effective financial services at affordable cost to the financial services needs of all sectors of society and groups.

in the financial system, but also the natural "capillary" bearing the rural Inclusive Finance Mission Village bank as an example, Wen Weihu believes that in the Inclusive Finance road go more stable, can abide by local government, diversified brokerage, agency, commissioned by the grassroots service; down to earth, pledge, mortgage, credit guarantee business income; cover the risk of independent efficient transparent bargaining mechanism recommended