with the development of tourism and the expansion of the market economy, the number of people travel more and more, the hotel business is booming. Fasthotel chain has become a concern for the capital of an entrepreneurial project. Because of the funds needed to join the hotel needs careful consideration.

because the first tier City Express Hotel market has been basically saturated, therefore, is not suitable for the new Fasthotel in. In order to open the Fasthotel is the best in the two or three line of the city, as you can find the property chain hotel in the capital city, municipality directly under the central government, cities and county-level city, the city has sufficient business to join the best. The best property in the local municipal business center, business center, exhibition center, Wumao trading center, transportation center, large recreation center, has good visibility, the best is the "Golden Horn silver edge" (Crossroads), some advertising, traffic flow, vehicle out of convenience, in the peripheral location of property to access commercial center, airport, station, bus terminal station.

and join the hotel also can promote the entrepreneurial success of investors. Relying on the brand management, brand operation, publicity, and membership can output, to ensure a good performance, and even joined the hotel, some investors in their investment failure, join thankyou, Home Inns, Hanting hotel chains such as brand, anyway, was an unprecedented success, fully joined lower risk more profitable. Such examples abound. What is the rank of Chinese economy chain hotel?

The number of rooms and stores the number of

7 days Fasthotel what are the advantages? The biggest advantage of Fasthotel 7 days is that there are a large number of members of the 7 day, these members to learn

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