with the continuous progress of science and technology, the advent of BIM+VR technology has brought us convenience in many ways. This is not the Henan by the BIM+VR technology, to achieve the interaction between human and architectural model of information exchange. In September 28th, by the Henan Provincial Construction Industry Association, in the construction of eight Dragon Lake Creative Park incubator building construction project department to observe the activities held in Zhengzhou. From the province’s more than and 200 construction enterprises more than 300 built in eight innings in Longzi Lake (Zhengzhou) Creative Park incubator building construction project department to observe Henan’s first BIM+VR+3D printing comprehensive museum.

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in the construction of eight Wang Lifang, as Henan’s first building BIM+VR+3D printing comprehensive museum project, in the construction of eight projects will BIM+VR+3D printing and business incubator construction closely, through the BIM+VR technology to realize the interactive exchange of information with the construction of the model, let the experience in the virtual simulation scene in "real" feel the building model, a clear view of engineering structure of each component, get detailed parameters. At the same time, the use of 3D printing technology of building components of complex components of construction technology node, establish new proportional entity model, found the difficulties met in the course of operation, further optimization, improve quality, and guide the on-site construction entity.

in rapid economic development, for a series of new technology, we should be good at using, it will inject more new elements for our modern life, many aspects will have a better display effect. The observation of the activities of the construction enterprise managers really feel the BIM+VR+3D printing integrated experience museum through dynamic roaming and model entities committed to promoting the integration of new technologies and applications in the construction industry. Have you seen BIM+VR+3D printing technology? Welcome to Henan!

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