want to occupy the young people that kind of unique market choice what kind of project is better, choose to join the entrepreneurial style unique brand project, suitable for young people taste, fish fire is a good brand. The fish to fire using patented UFO fruit charcoal grilled fish, barbecue with charcoal are primarily, as well as a variety of gold dishes, snacks, and classical delicacy leisure characteristics of tea flower flower Wang, the taste is very outstanding.

young entrepreneurs have a very big disadvantage, that is lack of experience, lack of processing problems. And the fire is a good solution to this problem. Fish fire cooperative business does not require food and beverage experience, do not need to hire a professional chef, his battle can be easily when the boss.

in the store decoration design, fish fire to the theme of the main theme of the city, a great personality. At the same time adhere to provide thoughtful and perfect service, so that diners can enjoy the delicious while relaxing. Fire fire fire fish fish is provided 24 hours of service, to meet the current pace of life of people, so that more people can enjoy the natural delicacy, showing a strong vitality.

attracts young people taste why fish fish business booming shop

tastes sour and spicy taste advantage: let you fully and delightfully

secret secret: pickled fish pickled fish originated in Sichuan Chongqing, the company developed after fire grilled fish, adding a variety of spices are beneficial to the human body, with appetizers, help digestion, prolong the life span, the ages of popular taste.

delicious fish: fish fish fermented black bean fire grilled fish with spicy dry fermented black bean fermented black bean as ingredients, pepper, ginger, Yellow Wine Fendeng spices cooked, strong smell. Do meal at home to eat, do seasoning vegetables and press table at the banquet to eat, it is loved by people.

superior: spicy spicy grilled fish, delicious, crisp tender fish fish spicy grilled fish is superior fire characteristics, its delicious taste, flavor, the more the more fragrant halogen

Sichuan pickle: pickle fish farm from their own species in the form of pepper, pickled cabbage pickled. Fish fish booming fresh, spicy but not dry.

the garlic: garlic fish contains a variety of nutrients, is a rare health medicine. Eat fish fish fisherman fire garlic fish can promote appetite, enhance physical fitness, promote blood circulation.

Market Outlook:

a total of more than 2 thousand cities in the country, we just forget about it, a county-level city up to two, one day only sell 3000 yuan, the profit of 5>

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