women like to do hair, hair salon is a place frequented by women, a good hair salon chain, lot advantage is very obvious. This article will be from the hair salon chain store location techniques to analyze, to provide some reference, generally do these, hairdressing chain business will be better.

location not Pingganjue, must speak with numbers. Choose large or small shop, choose the flagship store or shop image, it is necessary to compute the cost of doing business, money is the hard truth, certainly not lose money and earn. Lots of gold shops will obviously high rents, less traffic lots of shops rent will naturally low, the key to see the shops and rent than " " if the shops profit / rent is greater than one, we have the money to earn less than one is Kuibenmaimai, must give up. Shop is not in size, but in profit.

usually "traffic" and "financial resources" are complementary to each other. Rent industry there is a saying, "the first is the location, the second location, third or a lot", some people say that the location decision of the source, the stream of people is a potential source of The stream never stops flowing., so open salon chain stores in the downtown area, the probability of success more often than ordinary lots of high. But there are particularities in universality, not all of the "golden mouth" must make money. The key is to compare the "rent ratio", to see a bit too far, now the city change rapidly, because the municipal planning changes, busy location may also become deserted land. Therefore, we choose the store must be more understanding, multi choice, multi comparison.

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