almost all the major shopping malls in the current, folder doll machine is a very popular entertainment gadgets, and people like to play is also very much, so as to be able to bring no small profits. Because of this, there are a lot of investors want to operate the doll machine. So, the operation of grasping doll machine to make money?

folder doll machine first took root in the Asian market, as early as most of the plush dolls placed, so there is a folder doll, folder doll, said the young people and children are welcome.

recently, this reporter visited the doll machine business point, interviewed producers and sellers, with the principle of decryption doll machine and business secrets.

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in Guangzhou Baiyun District luochongwei Songnan street, there are two place to put this doll machine, one of them was in a cinema hall, located in the commercial corridor. These doll machine into 35 rows, the evening lights flashing, stand conspicuously, attracted many passers-by stop trying.

reporter noted that these dolls do not need artificial exchange of game currency, there is no personal care. Some dolls placed next to a vending machine coin ATM, equivalent to the cashier; some doll machine comes with the game currency exchange, the public can through the entrance into the bill bill, the machine will automatically change the game currency, get the game currency, you can use these dolls.

reporter visited the major shopping malls in Guangzhou found that doll machine has become almost standard shopping malls. If you are tired of shopping in the mall, you can play." In a commercial plaza in Yuexiu District, a citizen told reporters. The shopping center, said the relevant personnel, the doll machine is not a mall self, but there are businesses leasing space for the placement of doll machine. Doll machine can gather popularity, almost all shopping malls have." The officer said.

reporters on the network search doll machine, found that many producers are located in Guangzhou, Panyu. Yesterday, the reporter linked to a star called doll machine sales company. The company staff, their company has been in the market for 6 years in Guangzhou, with a total of more than 1 thousand and 500 self-service doll machine.

the staff to sell their own doll machine, said the failure rate is low, with the excellent performance of unmanned operation. "In the past few years, self-service doll machine failure, the design is not humane, leading to the machine can not operate normally, resulting in economic losses. Now constantly optimize the performance of unmanned doll machine, reduce the failure rate."

operating doll machine to make money? "If you find the right place, make sure you can make money lying at home." The staff said that the site is mainly in the choice of large shopping malls, supermarkets, as well as the flow of more people, the flow of candidates must pass, young people and children more places to eat.


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