business has become the people often talk about the topic, but in nowadays, there are still many entrepreneurs do not know how to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, along with the continuous development of economy, people’s material consumption level has been largely improved, with the price rise in the cost of business continue to increase, then as an underwear business agent, what needs attention?

A, not free to choose the brand must choose standard

two, the operation can not rely on their own to carry out scientific planning

brand ownership is the manufacturers, agents have the regional management right. You mustn’t put anything on the manufacturer. Underwear industry as a whole is a backward industry, many manufacturers do not necessarily go to the professional brand. So, more often, you have to rely on their own.

three, and manufacturers have both cooperation and should recognize the relation between

five, the sales network is the lifeline of their own must be firmly in control of

six, inventory to find the optimum point of

this not only allows you to better service for the distributors, but also restrict the manufacturers in the agents when replaced legislator, worried about your inventory will hit the market, do not easily. But too much inventory is also a risk, so learn to maintain a healthy inventory. Warehouse must be most of the best-selling products, in a timely manner to dispose of slow-moving goods or returned to the company. In this way, you will not have no retreat.

seven, self owned stores or model shop

self store image window, is also an important tool to understand their own market conduct market research, successfully operated stores can establish a business model for the subordinate dealers, to provide a reference, but also can effectively.

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