this is a good age of online business, Tencent cloud continuously launched a major positive policy, the purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial cloud support reliable, so that novices can also enjoy helping reliable, easy to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

cloud + entrepreneurship, entrepreneur welfare

continuous output

the Tencent launched the latest cloud support program includes the following policies:

wide point promotion flow:

cloud + business plan members can get 1-5 million wide point promotion expenses. For business support enterprise cloud Tencent WeChat self-service application payment access and launched by Tencent after the audit, summary of the application in the cloud and APP ID, by the person responsible for the corporate audit list of WeChat payment application. When the Tencent cloud enterprises settled in APP and other online payment scenarios to access WeChat after payment default payment or payment first show WeChat WeChat, you can get 1-5 million motohiro by direct promotion resources, businesses can in the application of treasure registered account and upload qualified APP, then the money can be used for multi platform Tencent APP Download promotion.

Tencent paid version of the free use of e-mail:

cloud + business plan members are free to use the Tencent enterprise mailbox (paid version) for half a year, and then presented in the first half of half off discount. Tencent enterprise mailbox version of the charges, enterprise signature, have no personality free login page, Mail Backup, email archiving, mail approval and other value-added features, there are restrictions on members, IP login restrictions and other security guarantees, but also related to WeChat enterprise and company RTX account, let the organization structure more clearly, send and receive e-mail more convenient. For start-up companies, the company provides a year of free e-mail + preferential policies to better save the cost of entrepreneurs.

"cloud + business" program since its launch, also received a warm response and participation in the business market, investment institutions, incubators, parks and other institutions and entrepreneurs spontaneous registration enthusiastically recommended. Up to now, the program has supported more than 200 start-ups.

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