global warming is not only harmful to the environment, but also to a lot of businesses have brought some trouble. Such as clothes shop boss in order to feel miserable, huge inventory care-laden, "stock agent" came into being, new business, set off a new upsurge of joining.

in the clothing market, inventory is a prominent problem is the leisure clothing field, because the style is out of short period, ranging from five, the old was "limbo", there are inventory backlog. For the entire garment industry, excessive inventory has become a serious problem affecting the development of the industry.

for inventory problems, sale for nearly all clothing operators preferred, VIP group purchase benefit sale, issuing coupons, promotions and other holidays, time of panic buying is a time tested means.

Changning designed to do a "stock agent" shop owner Mr. Lu introduction, the price for the goods of 100 yuan as an example, the clothing agency in clearing stock, generally 90 percent off or even 95% off of the price package granted to the stock agency".

inventory is numerous clothing store owner of the "heart", "believe inventory agent" has a great market demand, a huge profit margins, in the next period of time has great investment value, worthy of entrepreneurial novices to join.


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