many people are bothered to stall business, feel shame, is despised, but after a girl is from a stall start to become great agents to build up the family fortunes. When the reporter interviewed Wang Li, she has been in Chongqing for two years, including a failed experience. By the end of 08, Wang Li went to Fujian to participate in a winter sales, the interview can only be terminated. 09 years began, and then last year’s unfinished work, the reporter completed the annual report.

armed with a large Shanghai school girl


worked there for a year, she was the first to rise to the foreman let Wang Li most proud of is that 30 students in Shanghai. Then she began to give up, because no sense of what the development space in the home there, and my brother and my sister go to school, she can’t because she is not hungry there take the meager wages to continue their life. In the hands of more than 1 thousand dollars, she decided to resign, and now it was really too impulsive, unemployed after no economic source, I often sit on the edge of the Huangpu River in the Bund,

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