street snack is numerous, some bustling, but some business is bleak, and finally had to close. So, in order to open a snack bar? What are some tips for opening a snack bar?

1, fellow is the biggest guarantee shop

Many people do not know

, between the operators of these snack shops are inextricably linked. For example, the Chengdu snack bar, the shop is basically the people of Chongqing, Kaixian, Guilin rice noodle shop is basically Guangxi County people…… And the vast majority of these people can climb relatives, the author had visited Beijing, China World Trade Center, a number of Chengdu snack bar, found that there is a relationship between the owners of these shops.

2, do standardization is equal to the profit to others

The reason here is

is more complex, first of all, open financial strength is not high, to either location, or business area are not very ideal, standardized obviously congenitally deficient. Secondly, the positioning of these snacks is the public, the gross profit is not high. If you do standardization, equal to their hard earned profits to others, such as distribution centers, etc.. Because build a distribution center, at least more than one million yuan, and standardized management, we must reduce the dishes, otherwise either distribution, or the production can not be reached, which means that the operators of the next few years are nothing, actually worthwhile. In addition, the vast majority of these snacks operators do not have any ambition, to become a snack food, KFC, their initial purpose is to feed their families, the day can be better

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