Dongguan site collapse accident scene 18:30 on April 13th held a press conference, as of 18, the clean up of the accident scene rescue work has basically ended, someone shed the actual occupancy of the number 139, to evacuate 88 people, a total of 51 casualties, including 18 deaths, 1 female, 17 male, 17 of them have been the basic verification. Hospitalized 18 people, seriously injured in 4 people, vital signs stable.

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Dongguan site collapsed death toll rose to 12 people lost contact with 2

Dongguan municipal government held a press conference 13, said that as of 13:30 that day, the accident occurred in the morning of the accident site has caused the death of 12 people, the hospital was rescued in the hospital for treatment, and another 2 people lost contact.

Dongguan a site crash has caused 2 deaths and 9 people were hospitalized for treatment

news office, Dongguan, 13, said the disclosure of the afternoon, the site of the accident occurred at 5:40 on the day of the accident caused the death of 2 people were rescued in the hospital for treatment of the remaining 9 people are still trapped.

Dongguan municipal government informed that due to heavy rains and sudden lightning, Dongguan City Bureau Zhongjiaosihang Machong town site of a Longmen aircraft were blown down by wind, resulting in the vicinity of about 200 square meters of shed collapse. As of 13 noon, has been sent to the hospital for a total of 30 people, including the death of 2 people, leaving the hospital for treatment, the remaining 19 people were slightly injured, simple treatment after discharge.

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