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pesticide can make crops grow healthy, from diseases and pests, but for many, pesticides, also threatens people’s health, now, Chongqing city launched a banned production and sales of highly toxic pesticides, hope that through this policy, can bring people a healthy body.

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, the state banned the production, sale and use of pesticides have methamidophos, methyl parathion and other 39 kinds of pesticides, the use of pesticides, such as grams of Budweiser, nasal and other 19 kinds of. Other highly toxic and highly toxic pesticide residues, including paraquat powder and ointment, birds, rodents and other pests.

Since the start of

remediation action, Chongqing comprehensive dragnet investigation conducted in an orderly manner. Up to now, no discovery of the use of highly toxic and highly toxic pesticide residues. County Agricultural Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau to remind the general public, if the use of prohibited prohibited, restricted pesticides, please call the phone immediately.

pesticides are a serious threat to people’s health, although the crops to pesticides, more often, to make scientific farming, plant diseases and insect pests completely from the farmland, this will bring more assurance to the people, let everyone food safer, reliable, get more attention.

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