for the contemporary mass the era of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need is not only the determination of entrepreneurship, but also need to master a series of entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial skills now around for this one to make a lot of effort.

Thanks to the

"entrepreneurial training, let me discount store back." This year 32 year old laid-off workers Zhou Zhiying, Guangzhou foreign trade garment factory in the past 3 years. In order to take care of her daughter to read, in Fengxin County Street opened an ancient song brand discount store. Because of the clothing market is not very understanding, in the selection and purchase did not hold well, to increase inventory, capital chain will soon be broken. Rent and staff salaries can not be less, do not want to sell low price. At the crossroads of life, to participate in the SYB entrepreneurship training, to understand the rational allocation of funds, the previous confused account also re sort out, and get a small loan 100 thousand yuan discount. Injected new vitality into her store. Readjust and use every penny on the blade. Shop also slowly into the right track. In a short span of two years from the original one store expanded to 3 stores. Looking back, she can not help but sigh, to participate in the Employment Bureau of entrepreneurship training is the turning point of her career.


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